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Peshaware School Images
[Restricted NOT for children]

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school attack_Peshawar_6
Quran says -
And after every difficulty Allah gives 'ease'
Verily, after every difficulty Allah gives is ease.

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school attack_peshawar_update_9
Make dua for their familes ~ Allah make it easy, ameen

school attack_peshawar_update_10
Allah never tests us more than we can handle

school attack_peshawar_update_11Read Quran & Remember Allah

school attack_peshawar_update_12Share The Message of Peace & Patience
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school attack_peshawar_update_8This life is but a test from Allah - He tests us in the things we love most

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school attack_peshawar_update_6Any good is only from Allah ~ The evil is from within ourselves
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school attack_peshawar_update_2
Just Allah Knows our sacrifices
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school attack_Peshawar_3

school attack_Peshawar_4
All children go right to Allah and they ask Him "Let my mom be here too"

school attack_Peshawar_5

school attack_Peshawar_7

school attack_Peshawar_8

school attack_Peshawar_9

school attack_Peshawar_11

school attack_Peshawar_12

school attack_Peshawar_13

school attack_Peshawar_14

school attack_peshawar_update_1Revenge is never the best answer - Patience & Prayer always works

school attack_Peshawar_15If we're patient and steadfast (sabr) Allah will give better than our loss

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school attack_peshawar_update_13

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