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God Allah answers

DATELINE - October, 2014 - Ground Rules for At-Tawheed (monotheism)

0 spot whitePeople often ask questions about Allah (God) without a basic understanding or without usual logic (or in some cases, without even using common sense). Prophecies and predictions are some of the best ways for humans to know and be conviced of the existence of God (Allah). But even then there are some who will ask questions or make statements in a way that is very difficult to deal with, unless you know these ground rules for At-Tawheed (foundations for monotheism).
0 spot whiteAs a matter of fact, I have traveled with some of the real experts in these matters and have heard them explain predictions and prophecies that would come about (and they did happen) several times.
0 spot whiteImam Zakideen Sharfee, may Allah have mercy on him, was a close friend of mine, from Pakistan but living in New Jersey back in the 1990's - and one night he spoke about things non-Muslims would be plotting about against Muslims and Islam. It all seemed so fantastic that no one could believe it could happen. But later that night I was riding a train back home when I heard some non-Muslims in the very nice seat talking about ways to do exactly what he spoke about.
0 spot whiteSo, again - we must be careful and stay in the middle of the road.
Just learn basics and stay with that as much as you can. The other things will all be according to Allah's Plan and if He wants us to know something, we'll find out.
Don't push for this kind of information, because it can drive a person insane and loose their way from Islam.

God ~ WHO?

0 spot whiteHere's what I recommend for myself and all of us - First, work on tawheed (monotheism, oneness of God).
Be able to answer any question about monotheism of Islam instantly without hesitation. That is what is needed more than anything else.
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