Yusuf Estes in Chicago Oct 16-19

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"Dawah in 21st Century"
Thurs 16th - Sun 19th

Details on www.IslamEvents.com

DATELINE - Thursday 16 to Sunday 19 October - Chicago, IL. "Importance of Masjid" - talk by Yusuf Estes

Masjid - comes from "sajdah" (a place to make "sujud" - head on the ground to Almighty God - Allah) - Every Muslim knows how important the community gathering place is (Jami Masjid - means gathering for prostration & worship).

Rewards for building a House of worship for Almighty Allah -
Our prophet, peace be upon him, taught us - "Whoever builds a house (of worship) for God, Almighty Allah will build him a better one (in a better place - Paradise)"

(LIVE) on www.GuideUS.TV, APPs, satellite & Antennas in L.A., N.Y., Dallas, Houston, Columbus, Ohio (all FREE)

Help us raise funds for masjid in Chicago, IL October 16 to 19 Details (click the link)

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