WARNING: Explorer Under Attack

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Hackers Attack
Explorer browser 4

Internet Explorer!

OAKLAND, Calif. — This just came in - Share it with others before it's too late (by the way - DON'T USE EXPLORER to share this)..

Muslims BEWARE - Many of us use the Internet everyday and by far the most popular browser on most PCs is the EXPLORER - so read and take heed.

TSA, also known as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security advises computer users (who doesn't use a computer these days?) NOT TO USE INTERNET EXPLORER - At least until the company fixes a very serious security issue.

Just over the weekend a serious flaw was discovered allowing take-over control, data robbing and cyber attacks all aimed at one in four PCs using the very popular browser called, Internet Explorer.

They say, if you must use the Internet Explorer's browser, be extra careful what you click on - as this may likely infect your computer, hard drive and operating system with programs allowing hackers to take over your PC.

Cyber security professor Ej Jung of San Francisco university is telling everyone to be on the look out for any links, especially inside of emails set by those you trust most - whether friends, family or collegues. This is due to so many being infected with this problem themselves and unknowingly sending it right along to everyone they email.

'Spear Fishing' is a nick name for targeting you personally but it not from who you think, nor is does it contain anything you might imagine.

Think about it, you are opening an email from Sheikh So-And-So, imagining you are so lucky he is sending you a personal email - then WAM-O - your computer is trashed, wasted, gone over to the 'Dark Side'!

A link to a video of your best friend's graduation, or the grand kids party or B-B-Q in the park - You 'CLICK' . . and 'HACK!' . . the horrible virus runs right into your computer, taking over the hard drive, infecting your whole system, searching for your email list and then sending out it's deathly infection the very SAME WAY YOU GOT IT.

"What are these people after?" - you ask? MONEY, indentity another email and more computers to take over.

They steal your identity. They get your bank and credit card information and then go after everyone you know before you can even figure out why your computer is just sitting there instead of opening up the video or link you thought you just got in the email.

One cyber firm based in San Francisco says, "This news doesn't bother us. We balance how much data online companines like eBay, can mine versus what consumers and the law will tolerate"

"Microsoft and other similar companies are hard at work to patch things quickly as fast as they can to send up warnings and to update with new patches for security issues like this."

This is what we got from Internet Explorer company - "Users can aslo refer to this simple (but temporary) FIX:

  • 'CLICK' on 'TOOLs' in upper righty corner
  • Scroll down to 'Manage Add-ons'
  • New screen pops up 'CLICK' option 'Shockwave Flash Object'
  • Lower right corner 'CLICK' - 'Disable'
  • 'CLICK' - 'Close'

Best idea - to be the most safe - until this virus is taken out and security fixes are in place -

Instead, try Firefox, Chrome, Safari (Apple, Mac, etc.) - otherwise get ready for a repair bill, until the 'PATCH' is released...

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