New American Muslim: 'Islam Solves the BIG Problem'

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How? Who? Where?

Pittsbourgh, Pennsylvania USA - America Welcomes Islam to Solve Life's Biggest Problems

One young man converted to Islam leaving behind years of confusion, worries and doubt.

Now he explains - "How Islam Makes Sense Out of Life - ALL OF IT"

WHO? - Who is GOD (or Allah, or Whoever)?
WHY? - Why did GOD (or Allah) create the universe?

WHY? - Why did GOD (or Allah) put us through all this?
WHAT? - What is the purpose of this life?

IF - there is a God . . IF God is The Creator . .
IF - God is All-Powerful . . IF - God Knows everything . .
Then WHY? . .

WHY create us here in this universe?
WHY are we here in the first place?
WHY make us go through this life?

WHY are we here in the first place?
WHY create us humans?
WHY put us here?
WHY test us?


A new convert (revert) Muslim explains his questions and how he finally understood from the answers in Islam.

WHAT Is the point?

I used to spend a lot of my time thinking about different philosophical questions, wondering about the ‘Whys’, ‘What If’s’ and struggled with these questions for a long time.
For me the solution to all my problems came about, through understanding more of the real Islam.
But I’m getting ahead of myself . . .
> Before Islam, my biggest problem with religions was they all claim ‘God is All Powerful’ and ‘God Knows everything.
So, if that is the case, then - What is the point to our existence in this world today?
Why put us here?
Why put us to the test? - IF GOD Already Knows Our Outcome?

Often times, in order to better understand someone else’s point of view, I will imagine things happening to me personally, then I get a better perspective of different situations.

So, imagining what people and religions teach about God - I imagined God had just created me and others too.
Then it is said to me - “If you were given the opportunity, if you were given the option - you would have done many terrible things. Because of that you must be punished for all eternity in the Hell-Fire.”

Now, in that situation I would have to say something like, “Wait! If you just give me the chance, I would never do any of those things. I know I would never do such things. I know better than that.”
Then I imagine God saying to someone else, “And for you I grant paradise, because if you had the chance you would do many good things. So, this is your reward.”

Naturally, I would be saying, “WAIT! If I had the chance I would have done just as much, in fact even more good things that this guy.”

So after imagining this situation, I was able to understand this life is a test - NOT a test for God - This worldly life is a test - FOR US - to see without doubt what we would really do and how we earn what we get - Good or Bad.

This worldly life is the chance for us to go through the motions and then on the Day of Judgment there could be no complaint against our Creator for what must be our destiny, whether Paradise or Hell-Fire.

God Almighty always knew what would happen, what we would do and what the outcome would be.

He, Almighty God (Allah) Created all of this universe and everything in it - just to show us without doubt, why we are destined to spend eternity in Hell or Heaven.

I learned, this is exactly what Islam teaches and it makes the most sense.

Al Hamdulillah, our brother came to Islam with me some time back, and now he shares his story for all of us to know how to better explain to others, the WHY? of Creation.

May Allah reward him, and include him and us all in the highest level of Paradise, near the prophets, peace be upon them all and closer to Allah, ameen.

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