HAJJ VISA Approved! Thanks to Allah & Some Wonderful Brothers

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Hajj Yes Allahu Akbar

Hajj 2006 Yusuf Estes & Family He says:

"Yes! AlHamdulillah - We Are Going! - Inshallah" (inshallah, God Willing).

Al Hamdulillah (Allah, the praise is to you) for making this happen for us all. We are so happy to consider how Allah has made everytnhing to all come together so we might all learn something from this turn of events.

One of the things is to never give up. Also, related to that is the concept so essential to Muslims; patience.

We thought it was not going to happen. Everyone told us it would be too late now, to just forget it! But then the word came in just now (Dec. 20) and we have been confirmed to go for Hajj and be able to join our original group in Saudi, inshallah.

All I can do is keep saying over and over again, "Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar. Al Hamdulillah Rabbil alameen."

 We plan and Allah Plans, and who is the best of "Planners!"

We wanted to make Hajj this year so much, but for a while its appeared we would not be able to go due to a mix up at the travel agency over the tickets and so on. Then they told me it was too late and no way would we be able to get a visa issued after the deadline.

But it is easy for Allah. He just orders something to be done and then (it usually does happen)>