Las Vegas Cab Driver Finds $300K

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Vegas Cab Driver
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Cab Driver Finds A Bag with $300 Thousand Dollars! - 2 Days Before Christmas!

bag money011December 23, just two days before Christmas, a cab driver in the gambling captial of America, got a bag of cash ($300,000) - delivered right to his cab!

Gerardo Gamboa, a 13 year veteran driver, thought one of his passengers had left a bag of chocolates or candy in the back seat of his cab. Well it wasn't sweets or candy - But it turned out to be $300,000.00 in cool cash.

bag money07Gamboa really is a big winner! Did he bet the money and hit the "Jack-Pot"? Did he run to the slots to Win Big? Or buy a new house with a pool? Maybe a new limo? Or just a long vacation maybe?
None of the above!

He could have said it was a gift from Santa or money from heaven, or just be silent, take it home and enjoy an early retirement. But he didn't.

Gerardo Gamboa became a REAL BIG WINNER -
But in another way, a much better way!

bag money08Here's how it happened, a poker player was coming out from the Cosmopolitan Resort and jumped into Gamboa's cab, then when he got out at the Palms Place Tower, he tipped Gamboa - a 5 dollar bill.

From there the Gamboa went on to another pick-up at the Bellagio Resort. The doorman at the Bellagio was helping another passenger into the back of the taxi when he spots the brown bag. So, Gamboa says by the time he and the next passenger go to the red light, he decides to grab a look into the bag just to see what kind of sweets might be in the bag.

bag money09His surprise was - a whole lot more than just sweets! There in the little brown bag were 6 bundles of $100 bills, all total Three Hundred Thousand DOLLARS!
The cab driver said to his passenger, "You are my witness on this!" And then he called the company dispatcher  right away.

Gamboa took the bag of cash back to the cab company's main office, where local police and the casino officials were able to link the funds to a certain poker player within hours and returned the money back to him.

bag money010Did the poker player leave Gamboa a tip for his trouble? Well, not yet.

But Gamboa says it's OK if the man doesn't give him anything. He's not waiting for any kind of return.

He says, "I just wanted to do the RIGHT THING - and I appreciate what my company did for me."

So now Gerardo Gamboa is a big winner - He's receiving honors from his company and friends for his honesty and for quickly turing in the money he found just two days before Christmas.

bag money06Yellow Checker Star Transportation gave Gerardo Gamboa their Driver of the Year Award - and a cool $1,000.00 plus dinner for two at a nice restaurant.

The way true believers everywhere are big winners - By Their Honesty!

You see, when you find something that does not belong to you, regardless of how much it is, it still does not belong to you and it is important to find the rightful owner and return it back to them.

LESSON: Do the right thing - Allah will reward you here - and in the HEREAFTER.

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