Sanctions Against Syria?

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Dutch Discuss Syria
Economic Sanctions

Hague, Capital of Dutchland - September 20, 2012 --

Dutch and Syrian defactors discuss economic strategies to loosen hold of Syrian President.

The Hague, a goup of qualified financial experts here met with foreign diplomats and Syrian citizens to discuss ways of imposing sanctions and other economic strategies to help bring down the current president's oppressive regime by tracking down president Assads hidden wealth.

Abdo Husameddin, a former Syrian oil minister who defected from the regime in March, told reporters, President Assad's extended family may have billions of dollars hidden abroad.

Friends of Syria is a group made up of both foriegn advisors and some who have escaped from the oppressive military action being perpetrated by Syria's president against his own people.

Dutch Foriegn Minister Uri Rosentahal, who was in attendace at the session, said one of the problems is not all countries have yet implemented sanctions on Syria.

"Wealth of the president is estimated at more than 10 billion dollars (over 6 billion UK pounds). Not all of the money is hidden under names of Assad himself, but there appear to be many other names as well.

The foreign minister of Iran, Syria's closest ally in the region, this past Wednesday held talks with Assad, who told him attacks facing his country were not against Syria alone, but included his country and Hezbollah (the militant group from Iran).

Over 20,000 have been estimated killed since the conflict has started, according to UN sources.

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