Syria: Helicopter Hits Plane

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Military Chopper Crashed
After Hitting Passenger Plane

Douma, Syria - September 20, 2012

Conflicting reports coming out of Syria tell us a military helicopter crashed down in Douma, a suburb of Damascus, the country's capital.

Government controlled media claimed the helicopter's rotar blade had barely clipped the tail end of Syrian Arab Airlines plane with over 200 on board, and the plane landed safely at nearby Damascus airport.

At first there was a report from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights that rebels in the area had shot down the helicopter themselves. However, this claim was not able to be verified at this time.

Syria's government military have been using helicopters along with other aircraft right along against any opposition forces or those who do not support the regime and inncoent victims are paying the price for the government's vengence against all who dare to show rebellion of any kind in the country.

In other encounters last month, the local citizens there, say they were succesful in shooting down a helicopter just outside of Damascus.

Other clashes occured Thursday throughout Syria, including Damascus and in Aleppo (Halab) as well.

Government military forces have overrun several districts in the south of Damascus where rebels have been holding out, according to BBC reports.

Syrian government controlled TV reported "over 100 terrorists" had been detained in from the heavily populated area of Yarmouk, a refugee settlement.

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