Afia Siddiqui Out of Prison? (video)

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( Breaking News Video is Uploaded)

Will She Ever Smile Again?
How Do You Remember Her?

Afia Siddiqui HouTX 1991CU
University of Houston, TX - 1991

U.S. Prison 2001 to 2012?


Unofficially - We heard Afia Siddiqui may soon be released from prison.
Allahu Akbar! Al Hamdulillah!

Afia has lost her family, children, career, honor, dignity and suffered beyond human imagination.
Yet, she still holds tight to her belief in Allah.
But will she ever smile again?
Allah Only Knows!

We have a video just uploaded - from 1991 The day before she was leaving for MIT
She was the dawah person there - and her speech? WOMEN IN ISLAM

Afia Siddiqui 5
This is the same young lady who has suffered years in prison for (?what??)
What? Why? How? Where?
These same questions keep being asked - But no answers
What We Do Know Is - She is Truly:

Assalaamu Alaikum (Greetings of Peace):
I'm going to be brief, because I don't want to distract any recipient of this message from the very important video contained in the link below - video footage that I consider a God-send!

(And I thank my friend Andy in Houston, Texas, for bringing it to my attention right after it was brought to his.)

I've been asked the question (on more than one occasion),
"What makes Aafia Siddiqui so special, when there are a large [and growing] number of Muslims unjustly imprisoned?"
After you watch the video below, not only will you have the answer to that question, you will also have a better understanding of why this case has touched Br. Saalakhan so deeply.
I will have much more to say about the video and its significance later, insha'Allah. Until then, I ask ALL of our readers to first watch the video themselves (it's not that long), and then please share the link with everyone within your respective networks.
In the struggle for peace thru justice,
El-Hajj Mauri' Saalakhan
Must See Video of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui!!!

[If video does not start - click here]

Afia Siddiqui 4
Rare video of speech by Aafia Siddiqui in Houston 1991.
Topic : "Women in Islam"

Hakim Olajuan (famous basketball player) and Jamal Badawi were in audience.
Video by Zia Farooqi

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