Yusuf Estes Drops Harley Davidson?

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Sheikh On A Harley?
What? No Way?
Yusuf Bikerman01
Yes Way! and He Drops It!

What is a Muslim Sheikh doing on a bike (not just any bike - a Harley, man)?
What is this world coming to?
Sheikhs on motorcycles?
What's next?

Yusuf Estes is well known to the Muslim world as a prominent speaker for Islam and what it really teaches. But what about going just a bit too far?

Riding a motorcycle? After all, look at his age. Is this the way a sheikh of Islam is supposed to be acting? Comments (below) please.

While shooting a promo for Guide US TV, Yusuf Estes "Dropped" by a friend who has a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

While playing around, he dropped it but it did not get hurt (and neither did he).

LOL . . . .

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