Richest on Earth? (Top 10 List)

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Who Are Top 10
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Richest People On Earth?


Who Are the Top 10 - Richest People on Earth?
(You may be surprised at #1)

10. Mukesh Ambani- Net Worth: $27.0 Billion
9. Eike Batista- Net Worth: $30.0 Billion
8. Amancio Ortega- Net Worth: $31.0 Billion
7. Lakhsmi Mittal- Net Worth: $31.1 Billion
6. Lawrence Ellison- Net Worth: $39.5 Billion
5. Bernard Arnault- Net Worth: $41.0 Billion
4. Warren Buffett- Net Worth: $50.0 Billion
3. Bill Gates- Net Worth: $56.0 Billion
2. Carlos Slim Helu- Net Worth: $74.0 Billion
Now Number One --

#1 - Whoever offers the two Rakah before Subh (the sunnah before the obligatory salat associated with Fajr)


Ayesha, may Allah be pleased with her reported, the Prophet, peace be upon him, said;
"The two Rak'ah before the Dawn (Fajr) Prayer is better than this world and All it Contains.''
[Sahih Muslim]
Rasulullah Sallallaahu Alayhi wa sallam never abandoned this Sunnah prayer (even while traveling)!

If this is the reward for the Sunnah prayer, just imagine the rewards for the one who walks to the Masjid for the fajr salaath and prays in congregation!

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