Italy's PM Refuse to Ban Hijab

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Many Countries Ban Hijab
Hijab no_ban_in_Italy1
Italian Minister Refuses Ban

"How can I sign Hijab Ban Law," says Italian Minister, "when we see all the pictures of Mary wearing the exact same thing?

Rome, Italy -- April 12, 2012 Italian Legal Minister Refuses to Sign "Ban Against Hijab"

Can you imagine this? There is justice and balance amongst some of the Catholics as well as other faiths.

Hijab no_ban_in_Italy6Hijab no_ban_in_Italy2Italian Minister Pointing Out Fact: Mary, mother of Jesus (peace be upon her) always wore hijab (at least in all the pictures).

We Muslims should come to grip with the facts. And see what is going on around us right now, today.

There are those out there who will speak the truth even if it is unpopular to do so and we ask Allah to Guide them to all truth (and us too) ameen.

Then consider how many Muslims themselves do not wear hijab or even make fun or refuse to accept hijab for those who do wear it, calling them "oppressed" or "backward".

The order for hijab does not come from humans. Rather this is something from the very Creator and Sustainer of us all - Allah Subhannah Wa Ta'ala.

Hijab no_ban_in_Italy3Be ready for more truths from our Christian brothers and sisters - to be reported right here on

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