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Questions on Fasting Answered
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Answers To Questions of Fasting - by Real Scholars of Islam

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Seeing the "New Moon"
Seeing the "New Moon"

The amount of fidyah mentioned in the verse on fasting

What is the definition of the poor to whom the fidyah for not fasting may be given?
And how much should be given and when?

She could not find a poor person to feed instead of fasting in Ramadaan?
And should she give the money in charity?

How to offer kafaarah (expiation)

Do different times of moonrise matter?
What should Muslims in the West do?

Permissible to use telescopes, etc.? Or calculations, in sighting the new moon?

When should a person make the intention for fasting?

During the day, he learned Ramadan started already?

Difficulty in sighting the new moon in industrialized areas?

- Women in Ramadaan

- If her period comes when she is junub, should she still do ghusl for janaabah?

- Insulin injections taken by a diabetic do not invalidate the fast

- Fasting whilst breastfeeding is valid

- Having dental treatment during fasting

Things invalidating the fast
General Questions [word search]
Who is exempt from fasting?

Using toothpaste whilst fasting

Man clained he left Islam to avoid expiation -
but then repented & regrets it

Correspondence between the sexes
and its effect on the fast

Swallowing bits of food left in
the mouth during the day

Seeing the New Moon

Obligation and virtues of fasting

Recommended for the fasting person

What is permitted when fasting?

Things which invalidate the fast

Fast of those who are exempted

Supererogatory Fasts

Al-I'tikaaf (Retreat for worship)

When is it forbidden for a traveller to break the fast?

He has diabetes and does not fast

Ruling on an elderly person who is unable to fast

Is it better for a pregnant woman to fast or not to fast?

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