German Students in So. Africa Learn Islam

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Sheik Othman Siddiqi explains Islam to students from Germany, while visiting IPCI So. Africa


Dr. Othman Mohammad Al Siddiqi, the Director for Holy Quran Societies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was the guest of the IPCI today, 20 / 09/2006.
Alhumdullilah, at a joint Halqa, at the IPCI's Durban offices, Dr Othman delivered a lecture entitled "THE QURAN IN THE LIFE OF A MUSLIM" which was attended by members of the various Durban Islamic bodies as well as IPCI staff , Dawah and revert class students.
Due to the IPCI being inundated with people wanting to know about Islam, Dr Othman decided to become a  partner in the Dawah work of the IPCI by explaining the beauty of Deen Al Islam to 6 German students who visited the Centre the same day.
Dr Othman started of by telling them that he had the opportunity of visiting Germany and that he had visited a particular City named Regansburg for medical reasons for a family member. Coincidently, one of the German students was from the same City. The next point the student made was surprising. He said THE POPE, POPE BENEDICT, WAS BORN IN THAT CITY.
Brother Rafeek Hassen, IPCI - Director of Dawah, commented that almost every opportunity can be made an opportunity to do Dawah. The students were thereafter given the History of Islam and all misconceptions were clarified as well as their questions answered.
Each student was handed a copy of the IPCI's publications, namely the Dawah Quran and the book "The Muslim at Prayer".