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New Muslim - Tour Ended with Shahadah! 
Also - recording for "Our People" on Triangle TV in Auckland, NZ

A gentleman made his shahadah - at the very end while we were about to leave. He came to me and told me he was ready to take the first step to enter Islam. He did his shahadah and said:

"I bear witness there is none to worship excpet Allah and Muhammad is His messenger!"

"Ash-Shadu anLaaa elaha illalah Muhammadar Rasoolullah"

Monday September 18


Video recording for "Our People" TV show - broadcast on Triangle TV in Auckland

Departs New Zealand for USA NZ8 7.15pm

Want to hear and see it (live)?  Just visit our chatsite and voiceroom when we are broadcasting: www.chatislam.com

Be sure to pray to Allah and ask Him to give us the strenght and accept all of this as for His sake, ameen.

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