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A large political espionage and sex scandal of the world scale is aimed at the man who started the famous website 'WikiLeaks'. The Australian man, Julian Assange, who has recently gained the fame of the main denouncer of the U.S. Army and its allies' actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, is wanted by Swedish prosecutors. He has been accused of raping two women (again?).

39 year-old Assange began his path to glory four years ago, when he and a group of enthusiasts from around the world created the site WikiLeaks.
The website specializes in uncensored publication and analysis of documents produced by leakage of information.

The legitimacy of the "truth seekers" who almost immediately took on the issue of the actions of the U.S. and their allies in Afghanistan and Iraq angered U.S. law enforcement agencies. In early 2008, one U.S. bank whose information was published on the website filed a claim against Assange in a California court.
Initially, the court blocked access to the domain WikiLeaks.
But then, citing the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which guarantees freedom of speech, the site was re-opened.

Russia Today: CrossTalk on WikiEthics

In January 2007, the website stated that it had over 1.2 million leaked documents that it was preparing to publish. An article in The New Yorker said

One of the WikiLeaks activists owned a server that was being used as a node for the Tor network. Millions of secret transmissions passed through it. The activist noticed that hackers from China were using the network to gather foreign governments’ information, and began to record this traffic. Only a small fraction has ever been posted on WikiLeaks, but the initial tranche served as the site’s foundation, and Assange was able to say, "[w]e have received over one million documents from thirteen countries."

Assange responded to the suggestion that eavesdropping on Chinese hackers played a crucial part in the early days of WikiLeaks by saying "the imputation is incorrect. The facts concern a 2006 investigation into Chinese espionage one of our contacts were involved in. Somewhere between none and handful of those documents were ever released on WikiLeaks. Non-government targets of the Chinese espionage, such as Tibetan associations were informed (by us)". The group has subsequently released a number of other significant documents which have become front-page news items, ranging from documentation of equipment expenditures and holdings in the Afghanistan war to corruption in Kenya.

WikiLeaks could have remained one of the many ordinary "discharge" portals, but in July Assange and his companions blew up an information bomb called "The Diary of the Afghan war." Then the site added over 90,000 records and intelligence reports on the status of NATO forces in Afghanistan. This was not an attractive situation for the United States.


The documents implied that the U.S. and its allies are suffering defeat after defeat, and that the Western military killed hundreds of civilians and the Taliban have gained access to new missiles types. Among other things, the document contained information that the West suspects the government of Pakistan and Iran in providing secret assistance to the Taliban.

This leaked information has become one of the largest in the U.S. history. Is it not surprising that the White House did not appreciate the work of Essendz. The American administration issued a statement that the publication of classified material on WikiLeaks threatens the security of the United States. Assange was required to disclose his sources of information, but refused to do so.

Obviously, in order not to risk his project, the Australian decided to locate some of the servers of his company in Sweden. The country is supposedly neutral and is not a member of NATO. Sweden also has the Pirate Party whose program provides for eligibility and placement of information in virtually any possible way. However, the Scandinavians have prepared an unpleasant surprise for Assange.

On August 20, two Swedish women contacted police claiming that the founder of WikiLeaks has allegedly raped them. Assange denied all charges. He wrote in a Swedish newspaper that the Americans were taking revenge on him for the appearance of the "Afghan dossier." Swedish security officials found the evidence of his guilt to be doubtful, and the next day the case was closed.

But on September 1st the information was released that the Swedish Prosecution Authorities decided to reopen the investigation. The reason for this 180 degree turn in the attitude of the Scandinavian Themis remains a mystery. Next story was even more confusing. Despite all the seriousness of the charges, the humane Swedish court has never ruled that the Australian should be detained. At the end of September Assange left Stockholm.
The prosecution only motivated the Australian. On October 23, the new "Iraqi dossier" emerged on the now world-famous site featuring nearly 400,000 documents produced, as in previous cases, as a result of leaks. Again, the U.S. and its allies have been exhibited in the most unfavorable light.

The disclosed documents indicated that, as a result of the war in Iraq in 2004-2009. 109,000 people were killed, most of them civilians. The facts of unmotivated massacre of Iraqi civilian population by U.S. and other military as well as agonizing torture were made public. The leadership of the intelligence of "anti-Saddam coalition" prevented further progress in investigating the crimes committed by the U.S. and its allies. U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton rushed to call the released information untested.

In turn, Prime Minister of Denmark Lars Rasmussen Løkke was less categorical, and ordered to check the material on the Danish military involvement in the crimes in Iraq. Meanwhile Assange got a taste of the game, and threatened to publish compromising information on other countries, including Russia, by end of the year.

However, there are doubts that the Australian will be able to implement his ideas. After the publication of the Iraqi dossier he has been having one trouble after another. In his native Australia, the access to some sections of WikiLeaks was blocked. (as of November 24, 2010 - Wiki Leaks site is blocked in many countries - try it)

Sweden denied Assange a residence permit. On November 5, he asked for political asylum in Switzerland, but the authorities of the Confederation are still pondering whether they should provide shelter to this scandalous character.

On November 18, quite unpleasant for Assange news came from Sweden. Stockholm court satisfied the claim of the local prosecutor's office and issued arrest warrants for the Australian, declaring an international arrest warrant. The report said the prosecutor's office asked to arrest Assange suspected of rape, violation of sexual integrity and unlawful coercion.
The case features three episodes.

The alleged criminal said that he never shied away from interrogation. He said that until recently he was ready to personally come to Stockholm, talk with the investigators on the phone and talk to them through a video chat or e-mail. He claimed that the fact that he was on the wanted list was the machinations of the CIA. Currently Assange's whereabouts are unknown.

Here is a question: Did the Australian really commit unlawful acts, or was it a setup of the U.S. intelligence services? Harassment by the CIA is quite possible. The creator of WikiLeaks caused the United States too much trouble, and the image of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that was tarnished already, became even worse. The Americans did have the grounds for revenge. Assange could have been purposely sent well trained girls recruited by the CIA, who then slandered him.

However, there are many cases in which whistleblowers themselves had things to hide. Assange is an adventurous person, and he could be hiding sins of his own under the mask of a truth seeker. However, this is nothing more than a speculation.

In any case, an epic called "A Quest for Assange" has now become one of the most exciting events of political espionage. This man has done and promised too much.

[Someone should tell this guy - "Don't Mess with the U.S."]


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#3 Munir Reza 2010-11-30 10:31
Its realy outstanding news .... this news will make the global politics difficult now.
#2 Ahmed 2010-11-29 23:45
Very excitting...It is crystal clear that U.S. army has killed thousands of civilians...but the freaky thing is that no international organization is talking about the punishment of U.S. army but they are talking about this wikileaks man who have the courage to publish the truth..shame to humanity...hope the australian will keep up exposing truth
#1 marvi 2010-11-27 00:19
Assalam o alaikum wa rehmatullah wa barakatuh,
wow,i was looking for authentic information on this whole 'wiki leaks' thing,finally found it!!
atlast, some NON-MUSLIM locking horns with this bully(US),lolz. .let's see what happens next!?

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