Jerusalem: 1 Dead, 4 Hurt

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JERUSALEM - Mon. August 2, 2010: 1 Dead - 4 Others Badly Injured.. .. all from Jordan when explosions in Aqaba occurred on the center street outside the Interncontinenatl Hotel in, according to a policeman there named Mickie Rosenfield.

There were also reports here today claiming explosions were heard are a result of rockets shot toward Eilat, a high class resort city, and one also shot off in nearby Aqaba in Jordan, hurting a few people.
There were a similar claims back in April, coming from Israelis saying the shots came from the Sinai peninsula in Egypt.

A report says there were sounds of explosions on Monday morning in the narrow coastal area of the Red Sea, close to Eilat and Aqaba. These are trendy tourist places.
There were reports of other explosions heard there, but there were not injuries reported as yet.
Some mediai in Israel also claimed 5 explosions were heard in the city and 3 of these were rockets going into the water of the Red Sea, while the other 2 land in open areas. At the time of this report these are not yet confirmed.

2 of the seriously injured were cab drivers, one of the taxis was destroyed completely, says Mohamed Shodifet, a witness there.
Egyptian police immediately began investigating in the Sinai area for any evidence, but so far have found nothing to confirm any bombs or rockets had come from Egypt's side, according to security police there.

The city of Eilat is very south in Israel, and is rarely subject to such types of incidents, although on Palestinian is said to have killed himself and 3 others with an explosion over 3 years ago.

--- Information for this article was supplied by a non-Arab living outside the area.