Did I Do Shirk?

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16 Yr. Old Boy Asks,
"What if I did "shirk" - How do I repent?"
"O you who believe, enter into Islam perfectly, and do not follow the footsteps of the devil. Verily, he is an open enemy to you." (Quran 2:208)
Doubts Are From Shayton (Satan)A Muslim Boy, (16) Asks:

"How do I know if I committed "shirk"? (assoicate partners with Allah in worship) I had a doubt in my mind, but I really do believe in Allah. What if I did shirk - how do I repent to be sure Allah forgives me?"

Shaytan - the devil - causes doubts. This question is from a 16 yr. old Muslim boy.

What to Do About Shaytan?

I read your question and if I understood it correctly, it appears that the problem is not you, as much as it is shayton. The shayton (satan or the devil in English) has come to you and made a statement of doubt in your ear and wants you to think that it came from you. However, it was only his statement and not from you.

Therefore, consider this a test from Allah and you are stronger due to the test. You should try to avoid listening to shayton as much as you can, but remember Allah will not hold you responsible for what you are not able to control.

Allah tells us about this in surah Baqarah the Quran:

"Laa yu kali fullahu nafsan illa wus'aha laha makasabat wa alayha maktasabat"
[Allah does not hold someone responsible for what they cannot  bear. For this person is whatever he has earned (of good) and against him is whatever he has earned (of evil)]. 2:286

Our prophet, peace be upon him, told us the shayton will come to you and ask you, "Who created this and that?" And you will say, "Allah" and then he will continue until he asks, "Who created Allah?" - and that is when you say, "Authobillahi minish shayton irrajeem." (I seek refuge with Allah from the acrused devil.' And leave off from this train of thought.

Do not worry that Allah is not going to forgive you about this incident. I would do as the prophet, peace be upon him told us to do, seek refuge with Allah and leave that kind of thinking, inshallah.

Shaytan is our open enemy. He hates us and wants to take us all to Hell. He has no real power, only the "wiswas" or "whispering."

Say, "Authobillah minish-shayton irajeem." [read our article entitled "Why is the Devil Called Shaytan?" for explanation]

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