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Big News: Prophet Of
We got it back! Al Hamdulillah!

Originially a Muslim put up a website for Muhammad, peace be upon him, but then he lost it and the Non-Muslims started using this site to attack our prophet, peace be upon him. But now it is with us. Al hamdulilah. (Al Hamdulillah) We had to pay over 1300 dollars for it - but at least it is now back to work for the benefit of our beloved prophet, peace be upon him.

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Now read the whole story...

Great News! - Excellent website for Prophet Muhammad, Al Hamdulillah. This website was owned by non-Muslims selling it to the highest bidder. We are so happy that we got it back for Islam. Think of the damage others might have done with lies and attacks against Islam. But, by the Rahma of Allah we were able to aquire it and then build it up for our Blessed Prophet, peace be upon him.

The domain is:

Most of you know the condition of the message of Islam on the internet since the beginning of this year has fallen away from the believers and has become in the hands of the apologists and non-Muslims. is a prime example of this problem. They are not Muslims, yet they are giving advise to our Muslim youth, new comers and even issuing fatwahs as though they had some kind of authority.

The real problem is, the Muslims have been accepting this and even forwardind it on to others as though it were a correct source of information.

This site had been used to attack Islam, Allah, the Quran and our Blessed Prophet of Allah, peace be upon him. Now, Al Hamdulillah, we have it back under Muslim control. You can see what we are doing with it now:

Another example of this problem of misinformation being provided by non-Muslims and those who hate Islam is They have constantly allowed things to remain in place on their site that are absolute lies and total misrepresentation and presented it all as though they are some kind of dictionary or encyclopedia online.

NOTE: professors in universities around the United States are not accepting anything from Wikipedia if it is used as a reference for any papers turned in for grades.

There are still a large number of sites names that should be in the hands of Muslims, being used to attack Islam.

Please pray to Allah that we are able to gain back control of these and ask Muslims everywhere to stop getting websites and then letting them expire without renewing them. If the money is the problem, let them turn it over to us and we will find good Muslim brothers and sisters out there on the internet who would like to sponser or adopt a website for Allah, inshallah.  <-- This is our own effort to help solve the problem. Now Muslims can open their own websites for a fraction of the cost (reg. 10 to 20 dollars).