Dubai Peace Convention

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March 18, 19, 20
Dubai Airport Expo

Sheikh H.H. Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Makhtoum
Yasir Qadhi, Yusuf Estes, Abduraheem Greene, Ahmed Hamed, Zain Bhikha
Sheikh AlEffasy - Dr. Hussain - Hussian Yee - Saeed Rageah - M. Akbar and...
SudaisSheikh Sudais, along with so many more, speakers, reciters and nasheed artists will be on hand to present the true Peace of Real Islam in this Once-In-A-Lifetime chance to join along with so many wonderful presenters of Islam.

Join along and enjoy the presentations, experience the true brotherhood and join the fun (remember to enjoy the food and bazar too).

Be with us and share Islam with others... on

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