Turkey Military Leaders Arrested

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50 Military Leaders Arrested in Turkey

Secret plot to overthrow Turkey's government has ...

been stopped by seizing more than fifty military commanders. Turkey's police have arrested more than fifty military commanders for allegedly plotting to overthrow the government.

Arrests included ex-generals and other top officials after extensve investigation of alleged "Sledgehammer" coup plot, the Daily Telegraph reports:

They are accused of planning to provoke the Greek air force into shooting down a fighter jet to persuade the public the government was unable to guarantee national security.

The "Sledgehammer" plot is also said to have involved blowing up mosques and museums in Turkey so they could be blamed on outsiders and undermine the government.

The plan, said to have been formulated back in 2003, called for Turkish jets to engage in aggressive manoeuvres with Greek counterparts in the sensitive airspace above Aegean Sea.

By provoking the Greeks into opening fire the plotters hoped to "turn the clock back to 1923" – the last year of the Greco-Turkish War. Domestic turmoil would be unleashed by separate bomb attacks on prominent mosques.

Once riots and demonstrations broke out, the military hoped to step in to oust the newly elected AK Party, which was viewed with suspicion because of its Islamic roots. ....

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey's prime minister since 2003, hailed the latest round of arrests.

According to one unnamed source, "For almost 80 years the country of Turkey has suffered military domination over its government, ever since the time of Kamal Pasha's forceful take-over of the country in the early 1920's.

Ruling with an iron fist and even having his own friends hung in public for arguing with him, Pasha (also know as Attaturk or "Father of the Turks") ruthlessly impossed martial law and had all traces of Islam removed from the country. Muslim religious teachers, imams and scholars were all hung or executed in full public view, some even killed in front of their families eyes. Mosques were turned into horse stabels and it was forbidden for anyone to worship Allah or any god - other than Pasha himself."

(Identity of source with held by request)


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