New Shahadahs in Tampa!

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Tampa Shahadahs

100's witness (shahadah) for Islam in Tampa, Florida -

Many men and women stood up alongside Imam Siraj Wahaj, Yusuf Estes and Mutahhir Sabree as Jay and his wife Misty were joined by many others on stage and in the audience as the entire auditorium stood up for their shahadah - (declaration of faith).

Yusuf Estes, Siraj Wahaj and Mutahhir Sabree witnessed an amazing, evening of dawah, fund raising for a new mosque and the 2nd ever dual broadcast for the new TV channel, Guide US TV.
(see: www.GuideUS.TV)

"We were so impressed with the way volunteers and presenters were able to coordinate the programs and handle the large crowds of visitors, both Muslims and non-Muslims who came out to this great set of programs and lectures".

"We came all the way here tonight just to make the shahadah for Islam" - New shahadah

"After watching Guide US TV and learning Islam from Yusuf Estes websites, I thank God Allah for bringing me here tonight" - A new sister.
Scholars from around the country and around the world all converged along with large numbers of participants and visitors, enjoying the chance to learn more about the world's fastest growing and most misunderstood way of life - ISLAM.

[archive Dec. 29, 2009]

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