Muslims in US Military: Yes/No?

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 From Blogs: "Why are Muslim invaders allowed in our country?

Muslims must be deported – now!

“..they are NOT Americans!

FACT IS – Nidal Hasan - Army Major - Doctor of psychiatry & a MUSLIM - Is suspected of killing 13 and shooting 29 more of his own...

..fellow soldiers. 

But why?
Was it because he was a mixed up military man?
Maybe an over stressed, psychiatrist in need of mental treatment himself?
- Or was it just because he was Muslim?

Good questions.
The answer may never really be known, but let's consider possibilities: 

  • Was he like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold? (famous shooting at Columbine High – 1999)

  • Or perhaps delusional, the likes of Seug-Hui Cho (killed 32 and himself, Virginia Tech – 2007)

  • Did he harbor a grudge against the government- like Timothy McVeigh (blew up Federal Building in Oklahoma City – 1995)

Were these terrorists doing terrorism? Most Americans might say, “Yes

But - do the actions of a few people in one group represent all the people of that group? - Some bigoted individuals would argue the affirmative.

Are there opposing views with regard to the loyalty of those from the Islamic faith when it comes to serving the United States Military?
 – Again, “Yes

Let's consider real history and see if we can bring a balance to this highly inflammatory subject.
Recent history first:
       Cpl. Kareem Rashad Sultan Khan, U.S. Army, Muslim-American, killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq.
       Rasheed Sahib, U.S. Army, Muslim-American, shot to death by a fellow soldier in Iraq. (was this someone like Nidal Hasan?)
       Maj. James Ahearn, U.S. Army, Muslim-American, killed by a bomb in Iraq.
       Cpt. Humayun Khan, U.S. Army, Muslim-American - killed when approaching a suicide bomber in Iraq.
Now for some little publised and yet very significant history of American-Muslims:

       Who were some of the very first to be brought to the New World (so named when British claimed it from the native American Indians)?
       Over 10,000,000 (ten million) Africans, one third of them Muslims, were captured like animals, forced into slavery and brought to the New World from 1620 through the 1800s.
1730's - Ayub Sulaiman ibn Diallo, a slave from Maryland acted as the go-between Americans (then called people of the New World) and the British after he was granted his freedom.
1775 - Another former slave, named Peter Saleem, who risked his life in the battle of Bunker Hill and throughout the entire American Revolutionary War against Britain?

       Most of the American majority are quick to label all Muslims by the worst actions of the worst of their faith. But is it fair? Or is it even true?

       Today's media, eager for highly charged, latest breaking news stories, grabbing front page headlines, igniting highly emotional debates and stimulating ongoing updates, less concerned for reality and facts are quick to offer inflammatory presentations, rather than balanced and responsible reporting of events.

       Outrage, condemnation and indignation are emotions rapidly expressed throughout the Internment and around the world in blogs, forums and text messages.

       Text first – think later. Use half truths, untruths (lies?) while arguing against Muslims as terrorists and Islam as un-American ideology offering nothing of value for the west.

       But what about real facts? Actual American History? Recorded documents proving just – the OPPOSITE?

       So far we have only offered evidence from those dead or killed in the line of duty serving America - as MUSLIMS.
And what about the thousands upon thousands more, serving here and overseas - right now?
Currently there are many American-Muslim families sacrificing their loved ones and supporting the American goals, right alongside other Americans - African Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Irish Americans, German Americans, Jewish Americans, Hindu Americans and the list goes on.. Oh, and even an occasional white, Anglo, Saxton Protestant - American. . All Americans, all serving their country together.

       Would we be interested in hearing any of this?

Most likely... not!