Scientists Go Nutz Over New "Discoveries in Quran"

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New Video Makes Atheists "Wake Up"
"Non-Believers" Question "Evolution" After Watching

Christians, Jews and Hindus like this video too!
[click for video]



#3 aki 2011-06-01 10:14
I really am surprised at the way you Mozlems are. I don't like you or your ways. You are not saved by blood of christ and you will not go where we go. so you have your religion and we have our religion and you will see. kjv is the oword.
#2 muhammad 2011-05-21 14:56
Dear Editor: is it possible to watch the video?! I tried every way to open it but it failed to open.
#1 muhammad 2011-04-19 10:19
Why the video is put here if it is private and does not open ? Did any other authority prohibited it ! How one is supposed to open and watch the content ?

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