Muslim Population Lies - And Liars Who Say It

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Muslim Demographics: Fact or Fiction? (part 1 in series of "Lies And Liars")
- yusuf estes

What I am going to tell you is going to shock you and maybe make you mad. But it is something we have to know and deal with in today's world, a world influenced by STATISTICS.

There's a video about Muslim demographics in Europe. It was put up by FriendofMuslim on Google videos. The name is actually a pseudonym for someone who hates Islam.

If you check the Internet, you will find most people believe it is absolutely true. Christians and Muslims alike, will (mis)-quote figures and statistics from this video without even considering the unbelievable claims being made.

It is basically lies - LIES!...

The video clip does not offer available or verifiable sources, it misquotes much more than it quotes, and gives out false info.
This clip claims things about fertility rates that are not true. It makes it look like all the Muslim families have four times as man children as other faith groups.

90% of population growth in European growth is coming from "Islamists". A lie.

France, Belgium, Spain, Germany and so many other countries will be over run by "Islamists" in a few years time. Another lie.

The Islamic law of cutting off the thieves hand for burglery and high way robbery would replace current laws allowing these criminals to enjoy bed and breakfast style living for 1 to 2 years at the expense of the government (read - the people of the society who are the very victims of the criminals). A very big lie.

People will be forced into Islam or suffer the consequences. Of course, another lie.

What about this one - 50% of newborns in Belgium are to Muslim families and 25% are already Muslims (where did they get that number - I was in June and this is an outright LIE.

It quotes Walter Rademacher of German Federal Statistics Office who clearly denies it saying: "Even those people who are immigrants adopt after a couple years the lifestyle and the number of children per family. So the assumption that immigrants will stick to their habits is simply not true."

And to make matters all the worse - we Muslims are adding fuel to this fire every day, by copying the lies and putting them out there to help these evil liars scare more people AWAY FROM ISLAM.

All we can say is, Muslims - WAKE UP! We need our own source of news and information that is supported by Muslims who know how to really research information and provide us with facts - not fiction.

Please, dear brothers and sisters in Islam, do not publish anything or forward anything you receive on the Internet or text message or for that matter, anything at all, that is not verified by true Muslim teachers of real Islam, inshallah.

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