Certificate of Peace of Mind

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She had prepared a beautiful fully carpeted nursery room, filled with baby-blue color, decorated with wallpaper that spells joy, happiness and love.

The babies’ clothes are ready to be worn; a rocking chair is set for her to lullaby her baby. The cot is there with the fluffiest pillow and mat she could find. Even the stroller is waiting for the baby.

Just one thing is missing. Her son. Her precious little son.

Selina could not bear it anymore that Sunday afternoon. She felt that her faith was going downhill and she hated the whispers of Shaytaan that seem to be haunting her mind. So, she picked up the phone and called her best friend, Saira.

“ It’s too hard, Saira. I don’t think I can take it anymore.” Selina sobbed uncontrollably.

“Sweetheart, I know it must be very painful for you. I cannot say I can totally feel your pain, but I can understand how painful this is for you. Remember that nothing in this world is ours dear. Nothing. Everything is owned by Allaah and to Him we shall all return one day. It so happen that baby Khaleed’s time has come. Be patient honey” Saira gave her usual wise advice gently.

“I know that Saira. But my heart just cannot accept it. It just refused to…”

Saira then reminded Selina of one advice of their beloved Prophet SAW,

"Truly amazing is the affair of the believer. His affair only contains good. If he is blessed with good he thanks God and in that there is good. And if he is afflicted with difficulty he patiently endures and in that there is good." (Sahih Muslim)


Subhanallaah my fellow friends, isn’t our Prophet Muhammad SAW advice wonderful?

Our beloved Prophet SAW says that our affairs only contain good. That’s the keyword. Contain ONLY good. Correct me if I am wrong but it sure feels like it means nothing bad could ever happen to us, right?

It is like a ‘Certificate of Peace-of-Mind’ with condition- patience! Think about it.

Maybe Selina, in the midst of her grief hasn’t been really thinking about what Prophet Muhammad SAW has said. But, InshaAllaah, if she takes the time to ponder in deeper thoughts, she would be able to find so much peace with just this one advice.

She would understand that the demise of her new born son was for a reason she could not understand now, but, if she is able to endure this trial of life with patience, she would see one day that all that had happened was for a good reason. Allaahu 'alaam.

My friends, can you too, feel the positive outlook in life that Prophet (SAW) has given us? His words could make us dash towards future with courage and zest written all over us! Why not, right? Should any setback happen; we would just compose ourselves and continue with our journey, because, hey, why worry, our affairs only contain good!

His affair only contains good. Isn’t that what Prophet SAW said? MashaAllaah, this is really great.

I love the feeling of confidence that the advice has prepared me with as I make my way through the unknown territories in my own life. No wonder Prophet SAW used the word Truly amazing. It is just simply so true! Amazing!

Let me share with you a story of a sweet grandma and her outlook in life. Perhaps we could learn a thing or two from her. Read on…

There was once a grandma who has only three strands of hair. So, she decided to braid her hair. Then, the next day, she was left with two hair so she centre-parted them. Come the third day, there was one hair left on her, so she made a ponytail.

The very next day, she woke up with no hair, so she said, ”Finally bald! How wonderful! Now, I won't have to waste time doing my hair any more!”

Positive thinker? You bet! Truly Amazing, isn’t it?

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