What Americans Say About Muslims?

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Muslims ID CARDS?
I.D. Tattoo On Arms?
Convert Or Go to Jail?

 Middle America: December 2012 -- Ask Americans About Muslims - Get Real Answers (very scary)!

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#2 Rick 2012-12-28 02:55
I'm not afraid of the regular people I meet. The rednecks. I know how to talk to them. These are my people. What scares me is local law enforcement officers who are ignorant of Islam. There is no reasoning with them. The Federal government can arrest Muslims for no reason and hold them forever on a suspicion. This sends a bad message to local law enforcement.
#1 sk 2012-12-20 07:27
where did they find these people? trailer park?
why do the muslims need special id cards or badges. don't people recognize the muslims by their garb. if you don't know the woman in niqab/burqa or the man in kufi is muslim, then there's some wrong with you. why should the muslim be incarcerated. we didn't start the war, nor was it ever proven the muslims were behind 9-11. the criminals are the us gov't, military, politicians & zionist. they are the ones who should be imprisioned.

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