PROOF! Muhammad in Bible!

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It's True Now We Have Proof
muhammad in_bible
Watch Their Faces!

Ahmed Deedat, may Allah bless him and grant him mercy, recorded this before I was even a Muslim, over 20 years ago!

Now it is remastered on video on our websites for you to use and prove to those who insult our prophet, peace be upon him:

Old Testament Hebrew Language Says "Muhammadim"


[click here - if video does not start]
I have watched this, verifited it and it is true!
This is the proof we need to show them.

Please do not wait - Share this link right now. Copy & Paste this whole thing in FACEBOOK & TWITTER, chatrooms, blogs, YouTube (you can't post links. So use this: Watch video on TUBEISLAM (dot)COM


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Refutation to some major errors of this jahil (Ahmed Deedat):

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