Michael Jackson - Was He A Muslim?

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Michael Jackson - Musician - Dancer - Famous Celebrity
Yusuf Estes, Muslim Chaplain says, "Michael Jackson said he was NOT a Muslim in the 1990s"
Other reports say he did enter Islam - just months ago - for real -
Rumors about him entering Islam have circulated among Muslims for years - but what is the truth???
He died today at age 50 - this much we now know.
But what about stories of him accepting Islam? Did he become a Muslim? Find out...

Reliable reports coming to us from U.A.E. just months ago, tell us that the famous music icon did, in fact, accept Islam and become a Muslim.
Jermain Jackson, his brother, is a well known Muslim for many years. But Michael made it clear a number of times he was, in fact, not a Muslim.
Yusuf Estes, a well known American convert to Islam, tells us he knows someone who personally asked Jackson about him being a Muslim in the mid 1990s, and Jackson denied being a Muslim at that time.
However, in recent months reports have come to us from people close to both of the Jackson brothers, that in fact, Michael Jackson had accepted Islam and as such, became a Muslim.
Based on these reports, some Muslims are considering offering salatul-ghayb (prayers in abstanita) for Michael Jackson.

Fri. June 26 4:51 AM Update - Report from U.A.E. "I know for a fact, Michael Jackson made his shahadah and did enter into Islam"

(check back in  2 hours for next update inshallah)

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