Dr Jafar Idris & Yusuf Estes (video)

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Yusuf Estes & Sheikh Jafar Idris
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Discuss 'Iman' (Bridge to Faith)

TV Show "Bridge To Faith" hosted by Yusuf Estes - visited Riyadh, Saudi Arabia a few years back. In this video he interviewed his own teacher, Dr. Jafar Sheikh Idris on the topic of "iman" or "faith" in Islam.

In this episode, Estes went so far as to ask Dr. Jafar the question - "How did you come to Islam?" -- Strange question to ask someone born into a Muslim family in Sudan, yet wait until you hear the answer.

Both of them working together to bring about better understandings of true Islam for the English speakers.

Many have come to Islam through their combined efforts. And we ask Allah to continue their work for many years to come, ameen.

-- Recently, Dr. Jafar had suffered stroke and was hospitalized in Saudi Arabia. Family and friends who visited noted the beloved doctor Idris was attempting to raise his hands in prayer, although he was not able to even speak or turn over in the bed.
Please continue your prayers for him.

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