Occupy Boston? Americans Like Arabs..

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Americans Following Arabs?
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Boston, Massachusettes -- First Wall Street, Now Boston - Protestors "OCCUPY" to demonstrate.

Like those gathering in New York's Wall Street district, another group of protestors assembled to demostrate in "Occupy Boston" - But this time it is not quite so peaceful as the gathering in New York's 'Occupy Wall Street'.

And like "Occupy Wall Street", the "Occupy Boston" protest is being supported and promoted by '99 Percent' online internet bloggers calling for a peaceful protest.

But is it really?


wall street protest1New York City police officers walk alongside a protestor affiliated with the "Occupy Wall Street" protests outside Zuccotti Park after the arrest of two men in New York, on Monday, Oct. 10, 2011. Photo: Andrew Burton / AP

It started in New York's Wall Street and before long it went nationwide - and now it's being heard all around the world.
Demonstrators in the high finance district of New York City calling others to "Occupy Wall Street" were joined by other frustrated Americans - online - calling themselves the "99 percent".

Following the example of people long oppressed throughout the middle east, in particular Egypt, Tunisia and other countries, Americans have taken to the streets and to their computers online - to protest, calling for change and demanding their rights.

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Strong opposition to greed, corruption and political manipulation is being witnessed throughout America in person and online - against corporate greed, political corruption, bank foreclosures, occupation of other countries, wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and of course, no jobs - unemployment was the single most pressing issue amongst many of the protestors, both in New York's "Occupy Wall Street" and online's "99 Percent".

Estimates claim "Occupy" movements are taking place in over 300 cities nationwide, Boston and New York are only two - watch for more as this story continues to develop.

abdulghani almaghribi -- October 11, 2011 9:36 AM
not sure why these people are all upset. our countries suffer for decades in much worses conditions and american is still the best.

Derrick -- October 11, 2011 9:42 AM
wake up brother. These people are striking to keep us Americans free and remain the best. You don't get freedom handed to you on a sliver platter you know?

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