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REMEMBER? Google Owns -
EGoogle Got Our Site - But We Keep Our "Tube" - said Sheik Yusuf Estes.
"Ramadan is coming.
Just forgive "The Evil Google Monster"
... and Move to the Future - It's Ramdan and our focus is - worship - And true worship is forgiving"
Besides - We got a better name, a better website - and the biggest days of 'hits' to our site since the very beginning over 11 years ago"

They Got Islamic Video Site - YOUTUBEISLAM.COM - But we got a better name..

 a bigger website - And, "The Most 'Hits' to our sites!"

When asked about the recent take-over of
Muslims website, "YOUTUBEISLAM", Sheik Yusuf said...

Allah is enough for us - Allahu Akbar!"
New site for all TOO BE ISLAM - "TU BE ISLAM" -Just in Time For Ramadan!

[click to] - Yusuf Estes Video Site

And be sure to tell everyone you know to click the link to daily and make it your home page, too.

Here's another great site from Yusuf Estes team - just in time for Ramadan, (make it your home page in Ramadan)



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