Homosexuals? What Does Islam Really Say?

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Are UK Muslims Less Tolerant of "Gays" - Than Other European Muslims?
A Poll Says "Yes"

U.K. --  According to a recent poll, the Muslims of the United Kingdom seem to be much less tolerant of the idea of Muslims becoming "gays" (homosexuals) than the Muslims of other European countries, France in particular.
Out of one thousand and one Muslims interviewed, not one accepted homosexual acts to be appropriate. While surprising to some, this clearly indicates British Muslims to be more adherent to the simple and basic interpretations of Islamic teachings.
This has liberals and modernists in an uproar, claiming the UK is home to the "Most orthodox and backward Islam in the world".

Homosexuals and their supporters say Jews, Christians and Muslims who do not consider homosexuality as being O.K. are "homophobic". One claims that, "Islam does not have established reform movements, making it too easy for orthodox Islam to be spread."

The word "orthodox" here might be translated into Arabic as "Ahl deen-ul-Islam" (people of the way of Islam).

Muslims in UK have published on various websites a list of points regarding Islam's view on "gays" (read: "homosexuals"):

Homosexuality goes against human nature (common sense).
Same-sex attraction is misguided shaytan [devilish and against God] suggested attraction (fine detail of the common sense).
Both are spiritual ailments requiring spiritual cures.
Believe that the cures for these ailments must come from the Quran (or the Sunnah).
The Quran is the ultimate book regarding all matters.
Give Allah's solutions to same-sex attraction and homosexuality their proper due.
Do not underestimate the power of adhering to Commandments of Allah set forth in the Quran, as this offers the causes of perverted thoughts and behaviours.
Present cures offered in Islam not just as potential solutions, but also as the ultimate ones.
Reconize Islam's information on same sex relationship supersedes contemporary psycholigical "research" by prejudiced seekers of perversions with their "flawed" experiments and twisted arguments.
Incorporating Islamically invalid research implications in your suggested solutions is unwise.
While we have the Quran there is no need to take opinions or theories of "new found" psychology or "new scientists" over the clear revelations of the Almighty God (Allah).
Anti-homosexual or same sex relationships are not sanctioned by the Bible, the New Testament or the Old Testament and certainly not the Quran.
Being "politically correct" is not what following Islam is all about, is it?
Apologizing for people who commit acts condemned by Allah Almighty is not the best following of Allah's religion - is it?

Here is some advice coming from the so-called "radicals" of Islam:
*Do not succumb to the pressures of being politically correct—neither from your peers nor from the general public—for making same-sex attraction normal and acceptable.
Talk about Islam with accuracy, dignity, and confidence at all times.
Protecting your personal faith and strengthening yourself is more important than weakly “dealing” with misguided people.
Use care in responding to questions and remarks that seek validation for shaytan suggesting attraction and homosexuality.
Remember this life is short and it is only a matter of time before we all have to face our Creator, Allah.
Keep in mind our statements could mislead people and cause great damage.
We will all be held accountable for our words and their actions on the Day of Recompense.
Above all, seek refuge in Allah from the accursed devil and ask for His support and guidance.
Unfortunately, not all Muslims realize the importance of adhering to Islam based on the textual evidences in the Quran in the ARABIC language and rely on translatons rather than the original.
The interpretations of the meaning of the Quran are best left up to the one person who Allah revealed it to (Muhammad, peace be upon him).
"Modernists" of today will only misguide themselves and those along with them who want misguidance over guidance from Allah, the Almighty.
When it comes to real science and real proof - Islam is the only way of life that challanges us to try to disprove it - using testable evidences and science.
Here are the websites to consider: www.IslamTomorrow.com/gays www.ScienceIslam.com www.GodAllah.com www.IslamsWomen.com
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