Osama Fake Photos?

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A Fake Photo?

So many emails, text messages, chats and forums offering a variety of opinions as to whether or not Osama Bin Laden was actually caught and killed by Navy Seals, and then thrown into the ocean 'according to Islamic tradition'(?)
We all know these pictures (right?):

Check it out - Look Real Close - What is your idea on these shots?
Did someone use a computer and mix these two pictures together? Good Question.

So here are some questions for you:
  • Is he dead?
  • Did he die years ago?
  • Where did he really die?
  • Why the burial at sea? (Not Islamic by the way)
  • Who really killed him?
  • How did he die?
  • But what do you say?
  • What do you think really happened?
Write your answers (below) and then check back tomorrow to see who replied to your comments..

People will come up with theories and stories and waste time day after day worrying about things that have no bearing on their lives. So what should the believers think about Osama, his life, his death and whether he is going to Hell or Heaven?

Only Allah Knows if Osama is really dead, but our real job is to tell the people the truth. The fact is - There is No God to Worship Except One God, Allah - and He is the Only God, the God of Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus and Muhammad (and all of us).


#13 kid 2011-06-03 07:00
Osama died long ago. This news that he was killed in the attack in Pakistan was fake. USA and Pakistan were play acting.
#12 Awabnavi 2011-05-07 07:26
That the so-called "body" was disposed of in an extraordinary urgent manner and in the manner it was disposed of is clearly an indication that the US has a great deal to hide. They did not hesitate to show the hanging or SADDAM and the deaths of his sons. Why so squeamish now?
#11 ayesha 2011-05-06 18:10
really the burial at sea is too feeble an attempt to do away with what u.s. could not show d world...had it been d real person...they would have laid it out proudly for all 2 see...its just a fake drama to fill up their vote banks...mr bush started his
#10 Sana Kashan 2011-05-05 17:12
first of all... is this guy Osama a terrorist? if yes then why we muslims are supporting such s person??
#9 fatima 2011-05-05 03:56
Only Allah knows the reality...this matter lacks evidence.based on what we have seen on tv i really doubt his very existance
#8 Mustafa Khan 2011-05-05 00:32
__USA always play games, world know about it, so this is also same thing happened, My concern is whether Osama Bin Landen is dead or he is still alive Allaah knows d best, We Muslims believe in Peace n Prosperity, Our Believes,Faith never allowed us 2 hurt innocents human beings, If OBL goan beyond the Believes and Faith than he have to pay for his doing so, at the same time, USA always play games as I said above, so as some scholars said USA will become worst than USSR in future INSHAALLAAH, every human beings have to reep what he bows. HIS justice is always there, human beings need to be pationed, coz ALLAAH is with the pationade person Ameen Summaa Ameen.
#7 Marvi 2011-05-05 00:02
Latest happenings,
#6 Shumayal 2011-05-04 05:34
Can you believe this ?

They[US] searched for OBL for 10 years, sent thousands of troops, spent billion dollars but disposed OBL's body in 10 hours, didn't take 10 pics and didn't shoot a 10 minute video on him ? ?
#5 Issa Ridwan Abiodun 2011-05-04 01:14
Salam alykum!
My question base on the news spread all over the world and which president obama still testify that Osama bin laden was dead on Monday .so is it true and how he was killed and buried in d bank.please help me shed more light to it because am not really sure about his dead.
Jazakallahu Kahiran
#4 sister 2011-05-03 17:22
Yes it is fake&a big lie by the enemies of islam.Just ignore the lies&keep spreading the light of islam.InshaALLS AH it is well&spreading

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