Wear A Veil - Go To Jail

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Now it is illegal for women to cover themselves, in a country famous for un-covering women in full public view.

April 11, 2011 Paris, France -- A woman strolling in front of a Catholic Church in Notre-Dame, Paris, was detained by undercover police officers and then arrested.
Why? Because she wore a face veil.

France has issued a full ban against women wearing a face covering in public. If she leaves her house, she must show her face to the public eyes of men and all others. If she is caught wearing the face covering, she will receive a fine of $215, and if she is being forced by her husband to wear it, he will be placed in prison for a year and fined $43,000. This ruling applies to the 1% of Muslim women (about 2,000-3,000 French women) and any tourists who wear the veil in France.

The question arises then: why place such a harsh rule on such a few people? Think about this. In 5 states in Germany, they have completely outlawed women to wear any sort of head covering in public schools, including teachers, as well as other social workers. In Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, and the Netherlands, they are debating placing the same ruling on the tiny percent of muslim women who wear the veil.

If Muslims are receiving this kind of treatment in countries they call "home", what will be next?

No head coverings at all?
Then the country's nuns will have to leave.

No more mosques?
Then they should remove their churches as well.

No long dresses on men?
They will have to change their graduation ceremonies and their priests will have to leave.

And if they have no sort of proper religious influence around them to guide them to do what is religiously correct, what will they have left?
Their money, their drugs, and their sex?

THIS is the paradise for those who do not believe. It is temporary and superficial.
"For people to coexist there must be mutual respect. This is simply a French provocation.” Says Hend Harouni, an English teacher in the Tunisian capital of Tunis, who wears the veil herself.

There is good news, though. Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Bahrain, and many others have all joined together to rid their oppressive dictatorship governments, and in doing so have permitted women to dress more Islamically as well as live Islamically correct.

Shakib Bin-Makhlouf, president of the Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe criticized the timing of France’s law, pointed out that it goes into effect just as Arab people are fighting for their freedoms across the Middle East. "This decision is wrong, unjust, and contradicts the values of the French Revolution," he said, "whether you are a practicing or a non-practicing Muslim, no one will accept such treatment of Muslims."

"This is another step of new crusader behavior facing Muslims everywhere and is the start of a dangerous battle," Jordan's Muslim Brotherhood’s General Guide Hammam Sa'id told Agence France Presse on Monday. "It runs counter to human rights principles that France claims to endorse."

The situation in the United States is only heating up. More and more people are becoming angered at Muslims, believing falses evidences and lies. It will only be a matter of time before we are treated similar to the Jewish people, African Americans, and the Asian people back in the 1930's - 60's. If we do not act now, as a single Muslim Ummah, the oppression will continue until we are weeded out and treated like animals. This isn't just about a Muslim woman's right to cover her face, but rather facing the Last Days. They are upon us, and we need to act now before it is too late. We can't just sit around and wait for the Mahdi, we have to act, so we can confidently say that we tried our best. So put down your iPhone, get away from your televisions and computers, and do something worth living for. Do something for Allah, and for your Muslim brothers and sisters who need your help. We need you more now than ever.

-written by Sister K.T.

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#11 A 2012-04-19 05:33
If that's the case, to be fair, they should ban all types of face masks as well.
#10 some whee 2011-07-27 21:06
this woman is very very sick to put such dirty filth about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).. May Allaah punish those who make mockery of him.....
#9 shameel 2011-07-25 02:23
A tamil woman living in france posted a blashphemy vulgar cartoon of our beloved prophet in her website (http://tamizachi.com/index.php/forum/9---/74------.html#74).she is an atheist and running periyar awareness movement(atheis t)in france no 0772014997.plea se condemn that and do something to remove that vulgar article and cartoon.
#8 Mohamed Junaid 2011-05-07 00:25
I am surprise that,why the UN,Human Rights org,GCC and Islamic Countries and Arab Leaders are keeping their mouth shut? because of these people are Muslims ?
#7 aya 2011-04-25 23:25
I completely agree- the french government is out of line! But is the U.S. stepping in here, like any other situation that it calls oppressive??!! No! By Allah, these people are battling Islam, and it IS a losing battle. No matter what they say, Allah already let us know about the time when EVERY household in the world will be a Muslim, and there is nothing these people can do to stop it!

Allahu Akbar!
#6 sk 2011-04-17 06:16
What about Cosmetics? Women hiding their faces behind cosmetics is a form of subjugation? . should women wearing cosmetics be fined or imprisoned too?
whether a woman wears a cloth or chemicals makes little difference (except that the use-once-and-wa sh-off chemicals are far more profitable)
#5 sk 2011-04-16 13:03
what is this nonsense about the husband forcing the wife to wear the veil. Does this ruling apply non-muslim men who force their wife to sleep with them or to visit the in-laws. Should the non-muslim men be jailed or fined? What happened to protecting the woman's right? They only care about imposing their laws & wills on other people. that's terrorism & oppression.
there needs to be a civil rights group to take on these people. Other countries should boycott french goods until the ban is removed.
All Muslims need to stick together. they can't silence all of us.
#4 shahnaz 2011-04-14 08:03
Sarkozy &his government should be arrested&put in jail for life for violating basic human rights of their most respected citizens.please vot e to remove sarkozy now&replace him with a better &wiser leader.
#3 Mona 2011-04-13 15:41
I believe those authority people making these decisions think they are some educated smart people. You will never get away from Allah SWT. How bias are you people? I guess you havnt been taught better. You only have been taught to hate others and i believe for people to live in peach is to respect one another's unique beliefs, customs cultures, religions, class, etc etc. you need to be open minded. who are you to tell people how to dress? Its about power and money??? no matter how high you go, there will always be a going down. You only cause more people to learn to hate and be racist thus resolving in violence. If you taught people acceptance and respect, you might find a team effort approach of living harmoniously in this world. We need good leaders and if you call that good.. think again you are only a hypocrite. We tend to be threat to you people, as we are rapid growing religion. but if you read about our religion..its accepting of all cultures not bias like the way you have been brought up. Life isn't about materialist things. your going to die and what will you take down with you NOTHING but your good deeds in life and what would that be? making people fight to death point, not respecting others, no choice of freedom. what happened to equality?
#2 kabiru 2011-04-13 12:39
Allah SW has created us and will test us as he did to those b4 us. It is high time the Muslim Ummah from different part of the world stand up against this evil thinking of the french govt. They are doing this because of the growth of Al-Islam on their land, they dont know that they cant figth Allah's Army. We shall prevail them Insha'Allah, amin.

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