ISLAM TEST For MUSLIMS? What's REAL ISLAM? Terror? Oppressed Women? Bombs?

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What's REAL Islam?
Do you know about True Islam?

Find Out - Take the
Islam Test

Based on the program "What's Islam?" - by Senior Editor Yusuf Estes

What Do You Really Know About Islam?

This test helps Muslims and Non-Muslims both, understand what Islam truly teaches and preaches as well as how to best present the answers for those uneducated to the real message of the world's fastest growing religion - ISLAM.

Answers are at the end and there is a free video link to enjoy more about "What's Islam?

    • How much do you know about Islam?
    • Who are the Muslims?
    • What do they believe?
    • Do they really hate Jews and Christians?
    • Do they really slaughter people?
    • Does the Quran teach hatred and violence?

Try our quiz to find out how you score.

Choose one answer for each question and then click results at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!

Which of the following is true about real, practicing Muslims?
A: They live all around the world & when all are counted they outnumber all other faiths.
B: They live in many countries but are not a major religion today.
C: They are only living in the middle east and are mostly Arabs.
Can you name the first city of Islam?
A: Jerusalem in modern-day Palestine
B: Bakkah (called Makkah today) in modern-day Saudi Arabia
C: Alexandria in modern-day Egypt
What does it take to become a Muslim?
A: You can’t become one. You are either born into the faith or, in limited circumstances, become a Muslim by marriage but you have to pay money to the mosque.
B: Personal study and preparation during one Islamic year, sponsored by two practising Muslims and an Arabic Imam (prayer leader).
C: Just say out loud the declaration of faith, “There is no God for worship except Allah and Muhammad is his messenger”
Muslims are expected to put their faith into action through the ‘five pillars of Islam’. One of them is called Zakat, and it means:
A: Give a small percentage of their wealth every year directly to the proor people.
B: Seek out potential converts or bring people to Islam by force while pretending to go along with them in their religion.
C: Memorize the Quran and Bible to show everyone how much better the Quran is than the Bible.
Which statement is most correct about the Quran?
A: It was copied from old Biblical manuscripts or lost books of apochrapha and taught to Muhammad by scribes and monks. The actual language is not longer spoken and is open to anyone's interpretation today.
B: It is a lovely book of Arabic and Urdu poetry and refers to mystical events and philosophy, nature and spirituality, but it is not recited by each and every Muslim today.
C: Quran means "Recitation" and refers to the recital given to Muhammad by an angel of God for over two decades, piece by piece. Every Muslim knows and recites portions of it in the original Arabic.
What best describes Islam's attitude toward women?
A: Women have very few rights and cannot own property, make major decisions, be leaders or initiate divorce.
B: Men can marry as many women as they wish, while women can not have any say in the matter of marriage.
C: Women are to be treated as "Queen of the home" with Paradise being at the feet of the mother and the mother having more rights over you than anyone else, even the father - and they can not be married until they are of proper age and even then only by their own choice.
Which is most accurate about Muhammad, peace be upon him, and is proven by historical evidences?

A: He was a warlord, greedy and after power and beautiful women.

B: He enjoyed wine, women and song.
C: Prophet Muhammad was honest, humble, shy and a loving husband and father, who never lied and never committed major sins.
What best describes the status of Muhammad according to famous historians, world leaders and historical evidences?
A: He was strict, talkative, proud, a man with strong opinions and convictions, never giving in to opinons of others, an excellent dresser with a passion for attractive women and fine horses and camels. No one could beat him in gambling, drinking or telling great tales.
B: He was a mystic and could see God eye-to-eye and helped God in making decisions of the future, and he made some predictions and fulfilled a few prophecies.
C: He fulfilled prophecies of the previous prophets and scriptures and he made predictions which have come true exactly as predicted.
Which religion does God (Allah) refer to as the correct religion - for Adam and all of his descendants?
A: Jewish then Christian
B: Hindu then Muslim
C: Hanif only
(Be careful with this one - could be "tricky")
Which of the following best describes Islam’s opinion of Christianity and Judaism?
A: Christians and Jews should be respected as ‘people of the book’
B: Islam is the final message of God to humanity, building upon and superceding Judaism and Christianity.
C: Both of them are wholly wrong and should be dismissed out of hand for believing in false prophets.

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