Trump Tweets His Last Twitter

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twitter bans Trump

Islam Newsroom - January 10, 2021 Sunday night - 

Is This Really Fair?

twitter bans Trump

Why Was President Trump Permanently

— Banned From Twitter Service?

Officials at the social media group claim it was:

“Due to risk of further incitement to violence” -

But the company he made famous for over 4 years - Cut him off.

No longer able to reach his followers (over 88 million) he was effectively banned from any further use of his favorite microphone to promote his own agenda, despite what he calls “Fake News”.

Twitter posted — Mr Trump’s personal account (@realDonalTrump) was suspended due in particular to two “tweets”; one calling his supporters patriots and the other post saying he won’t attend the presidential inauguration, January 20 - because “It violates rules against glorifying violence”.

What about the people who followed the presidents orders to assemble, march and occupy the Capitol? Should they all be punished, but not him?

— But What DO YOU SAY?

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