Shabab Christmas Attack Kills 14 (Who Are They?) Killers? Jihadists?

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Who Are Shabab?
What Do They Want?
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SABAB - Leader Surrenders After Shabab Kill 14 in Christmas Attack

0 spot whiteNAIROBI, Kenya - Shabab Leader Worth $33 Million - in Custody after Shabab Attacks on Christmas Day 0 spot whiteKilling 14 in Mogadishu.

But a reader of Islam Newsroom wants to know - “Who Are the Shabab, anyway?”

Good question.

But first, the latest news on these guys - Shabab leader, Zakariya Hersi, just now surrendered to Somali police in Gedo area (Somali).

Zakariya Ismail Ahmad Hersi, gave up to authorities there after falling out of favor with loyalists to Ahmed Abdi Godane, top leader of Shabab group who was killed in airstrike by U.S. earlier this year.

Hersi had been one of at least eight from the leadership of elders in the group calling themselves “Shabab” (Young Men).
The Obama administration did offer $33,000,000 just for information leading to his capture in 2012.

(QUICK THOUGHT: Wonder if U.S. will give the thirty three million in reward to him, since he gave himself up? Hmmm.)

Another reader asks: “Exactly who are the Somalis calling themselves ‘Shabab’? Are they fighting a ‘jihad’ for Islam?”

Our answer: Bismillah, al Hamdulillah, was salat was sallam ala rasoolullah.

These people calling themselves 'Shabab' are nothing more than tyrants, kidnappers, pirates, extortionists and assassins. The word ’shabab’ in Arabic means ‘youth’ or ‘young people’. They are worse than street gangs, young mafia and teen thugs anywhere in the world.

Shabab group operates in and around Somalia and neighbor countries in East Africa

The Shabab have hi-jacked ships at sea, taken hostages, kidnapped relief workers holding them for ransom, then murdering the captives anyway, even if they got ransom payments.

Their goal is to spread chaos and calamity wherever they go, kidnapping, killing and extorting money from anyone, even other Muslims or Somalis.

Yusuf Estes and Imam Mutahhir Sabree - August 2009 Nearly Kidnapped by 'Shabab'.

While we were doing relief with our Water For Life project in Mandera Kenya in August of 2009, Imam Mutahhir Sabree and myself were nearly captured by Shabab during their raid on the camps where we were staying.

Shabab militants kidnapped 3 other relief workers in the next camp, and demanded large sums of money. One relief worker from Pakistan escaped, the other two were not so lucky, and were assassinated, despite diplomatic efforts and extortion money being paid.

After we came back to Nairobi myself and Sabree learned from another man who had just been released after being captured by Shabab, that they had almost executed him, before his family and friends were able to negotiate his release - at great expense.

ADVICE: Stay away (far away) from any group or individual operating under these circumstances, regardless of what religious affiliation they may claim. No religion of God or Allah can condone such horrible acts, especially in the name of their faith. They will only reap evil and do blood shed in this world and suffer the consequences for it, either here in this world, or in the Next Life - or both!

HELP: If you know anyone even thinking about being with these guys or similar groups, do yourself and them a favor - get away as fast as you can. Call authorities, F.B.I., local police, government officials (call from a pay phone if you fear any problem). But do it now. You’ll be glad you did.

— Editor, Islam Newsroom

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