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Exciting Precious Gem
gem rare12
Discovered in Strange Places




gem rare6February 20, 2014 - (actually first discovered November 26, 1992) - Exciting Gem Discovery - Often found in shopping malls, beauty shops and almost always anywhere a reflective glass (mirror) is located.

Truly Exciting and Amazing - These are words I'm saying right now - More than 20 years after a very strange event took place in Arlington, Texas between two (2) convert Muslims.

You see, I like to think I am the one who first discovered this beautiful "GEM". But let me come to the point about this discovery, inshallah.

Strange as it sounds, it seems we have come up with a new discovery - an unnamed chemical property. This alloy has turned up in front of a certain type of reflective glass. When I first saw this, I was spellbound. I could hardly move.

Scientists are at a loss to know how to deal with it. Yet they all seem to agree this alloy has been around since the begining of man (almost exactly the same time).

Why has this only now come to the attention of scholars and scientists?
Could it be they have been looking into the wrong places?
How did we miss this amazingly beautiful specimen that contributes so much to our very life here on earth?
Is it because they have underestimated the value of highly combustable composition?
Perhaps they have just ignored the obvious source of power and energy?

Or, God forbid, they have known about this subject and have purposely not informed others for some sinister reason?

Could it be - Is someone tyring to fool us?

Or is it because they do not yet know how to handle it?

Once when questioned about this, a fellow scientist said, "Well, the more I learn about (this gem), the less I know about it"  = What kind of science is that?

Well, at last the truth is out and everyone, all the world can now see for themselves - this wonderful, newest, latest, most amazing discovery on planet earth -


The new ALLOY being added to the list in Chemistry -- [one popular nickname is 'UMMI']


Name: GHURABAA (also see suggestions bottom of list)

Symbol: UMMI

Atomic Weight: Quickly Learned to NEVER ASK!

Physical Properties :
- Boils easily at different temperatures (?)
- Can go cold or even freeze at a moment's notice (?)
- Known to MELT DOWN when handled softly & gently (?)
- Becomes Bitter if not cared for properly (?)

ghurabaa3Chemical Properties :
- Very Reactive
- Highly Unstable
- Possess Strong Attraction toward Gold, Silver, Diamond & Platinum
- Reducing Agent - negotiable currency

Where is this substance found?

Occurrence: (where it is most often found) -

- Oddly enough, in front of a particular type of reflective hardened silica (mirror)

Common Names:

Mom; daughter; aunt; sister; grandmother -

And most important to me - (Zawji)*

heart gold_shape*MY WIFE: "You will always be my most valueable 'GEM' -
Happy 21th anniversory Umm Ayesha! I love you more each year we are married!
- Yusuf Estes

P.S. May Allah give you shifaa (cure) and bring you back to us from the hospital soon, ameen.

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