"Why me God? I just want to kill myself!"

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"I am going to kill myself.."

She said in her email to us:

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 Islam Newsroom article #1753 "Suicide is Not the End"

So many of our youth today have lost the desire to live. In emails and text messages I am seeing more and more of our young Muslim brothers and especially our teenage sisters crying about how miserable their lives are and how they feel there is no hope and no way out - and they say, "I'm gonna kill myself"

This story is an example of the many letters and messages we receive monthly at GuideUS.TV and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

suicide kill myself

Salam alaykum Sheikh Yusuf Estes. I saw you on TV give shahadah to a nice man and crys when he say shahadah, mashallah.
I also came to Islam and wish to see you and hug you so much. But I want to just die because what a man did to me. I hate him so much.
He made me not a virgin anymore and rapped me over and over so much and . . he is my uncle . .
My mom and dad also not get married.
I love anyone to tell my I'm pretty and my boyfriend he beats me and makes me steal and do drug things and stuff too and he also gave me to another man for sex and he did the sex to me in a very bad, bad way. I hate that too.
I get beat too bad and go to doctor and talk to Arab on chatroom. I get new ideas and I love to be a Muslim like her, to cover the hair and be protected by God.
I read Koran and say shahadah and I believe only One God and Mohamed the messenger of the God.
I pray the pray every dday but my mind keep going back and see in my mind the men hurting me and doing the sex.
I feel crazy and they lock me up in a room and . . I need help please.
I am not good because they ruin me so much. I am not the virgin and no man will want me now.
I want to just die and kill myself.
I want God forgive me but I am not the virgin. So how can I ask God? It is my fault but how do I change?
Pleas e help me . . helpme 
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