Cairo: Israeli Embassy Attacked

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Israeli Embassy Captured by Protesters in Cairo

Cairo, Egypt - Sept 10, 2011 - One dead, hundreds injured in fight between protestors and military..

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The Israeli Embassy located in Cairo, Egypt's capital, went under attack from protestors late night Friday and protests continued until the next day.
Protestors were seen tearing down the outer walls of the building and throwing out 1,000's of documents and files from the windows to the streets below.

After taking over the building, the angry mob replaced the Star of David flag of Israel with the Eagle image of the Egyptian flag.

Egyptian prime minister, Essam Sharaf, called an immediate cabinet crisis team to handle the developing situation, and he has declared a full state of alert at this time.

Armored vehicles along with military forces rushed to the embassy district in Cairo attempting to put down the crisis,. Protestors responded by setting police trucks ablaze and even attacked the regional police headquarters close by.

Rioters attempted to elude capture by dodging police and military all through the night, running in and out of thick clouds of tear gas and smoke from burning tires and vehicles. Security forces seemed to be gaining control over the situation at day-break but it is still considered unresolved at this time.

At 3 o'clock (Cairo Time) Saturday morning, health ministry officials declared one death (by heart attack) and over 520 injuries, had occurred due to the clashes around the Israeli embassy.

No particular name was mentioned of the group of protestors who swarmed the Israeli headquarters, but it is reported they had held a huge gathering at the now famous Tahrir Square. Organizers were calling for reforms by the ruling military, that now governs all of Egypt.

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