Who Is the Terrorist Now?

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When a Muslim Shoots a Gun?
When a Christian Shoots a Gun?
What do they say? (read...)

Pastor Terry Jones - you remember him? The one who wanted to burn the Qurans last year?
Did you know, he went to jail for a half day for refusing to obey the law, (and after shooting a gun in the city limits - but no charges for that at all). Read this story and tell us what you think...

Recently, Pastor Terry Jones of Gainesville, Florida put the Quran on Trial - and then found it to be "guilty", according to him - and then acting as judge and jury - he decided it had to be "BURNED" - so he did.

Pastor Jones, first made a name for himself by claiming he was going to burn the Quran on September 11, 2010 - but then after a visit from Imam Musry from the Orlando, Florida mosque, decided not to do so.
After some time, Jones felt he needed to be in the news again. So, he came up with a new plan - this time he was going to picket a mosque in Michigan.
But he ran into a new problem, the city required him to have a permit to protest.
Jones refused. He claimed his constitutional rights allowed him to do anything he wanted to without their permission or consent.
He ran into trouble on this one.
The city code said he must have a permit to demonstrate.
But the permit cost one dollar.
Jones refused.

He went to jail.
But that is not all - here is the rest of the story....

He wanted to be on TV - so he went to the TV channel and while he was there his gun (yes! we said 'gun') went off while he was holding it in his car.
He said it was an accident. They said, "OK"

Question - If a Muslim did exactly the same things what would happen to him?
Would he ever get out of prison? Even with thousands of dollars and years fighting the cases?

Yet, pastor Terry Jones got in this car and went back to Florida.
No charges, no fines (except for 1 dollar for a parade permit), no problems.

What do you say? How about a quick comment (below)...