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shahadah pic with Yusuf Estes in Hajj
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All I knew about Islam was the name of the
Holy Book - the Quran.
I visited sites from
- Now I'm ready for shahadah!

I'll let you in on how I began my search. It started while I was sitting by myself. The only thing I knew about Islam was the Holy Book, the Qur'an.

So anyway, I'm sitting there and like a flash in my head, it popped up: "Hey! Go read the Qur'an."

Now, up to this point, I was pretty much religious in my life. So, I got online, found a site to get a free Quran. [] I sent for it.

It took about 2 weeks to get here. During that time I began to learn more and more. Once it got here, I was like a child opening a present. I had the biggest smile on my face. It is hard to explain. It was just a wonderful experience.

It was like i was looking at something. Eeh, its hard to describe in words, but it was like I was looking at the best thing on this earth.

So I sat down and I begin reading it (I'm still reading it) so here after a while i found your site, and sent away for 2 cds to listen to.

I must have listened to those cds 100 times each by now, no exageration in that statement, i listened to them when i woke up, when i went to bed, i just kept rotating what i would lsiten to, id listen to them for 3 hours straight, trying to catch everything, maybe something i had missed before.

But anyway, I just really want to thank you on sending me the cds i requested a few more today, and i hope u can send them to me, but it isnt a big thing if u cant.

Also I do like to see you and all the shows on the Guide US TV channel.

I hope here soon maybe i can do shahadah, cause i beleive it within myself, but i havent really proclaimed it to people or in front of people. But im just thanking you for the service you provide, and i will besending as many people as i can to your site, i want them to see the truth too,now.

Thats all for now, Salam.

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