Islam in the West - TODAY?

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Explore the issues, hear
views of Muslim teachers
and see how your answers
compare to theirs.   
  Islam: Compatible with modernity - Or not? 
ISome say, "Yes" - Others, "NO WAY"    (what do you say?)
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    What Is Islam?
Get the facts from the source - and don't be fooled any longer.

 Chat Islam
Talk with Muslims & non-Muslims all around the world.


Do you really know about
True Islam?

Take the quiz!
See what you really know about Islam ~

How much do you know about Islam? Who are the Muslims? What do they believe? Do they really hate Jews and Christians? Do they really slaughter people? Does the Quran teach hatred and violence?
Try our quiz to find out how you score.
ISLAM QUIZ (10 Questions)
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 Islam is a religion of peace and therefore has all the attributes required for living with modernity 
Mohamed Rafeek, Australia

Watch here

Dr. Mahathir MohamadMalaysia's prime minister answered your questions 
Watch here
Pakistan's president answered your questions 
Watch here

Active Image  You asked about priests and preachers entering Islam - Here is Yusuf Estes' story in his own words. 
Watch here

World Service: Your Voice
Arabic Persian Urdu

I hope this helps 
 What is Jihad?
"Jihad For Dummies"

Political struggle 
News, analysis and features on Iranian society and politics 


Magdi Abdelhadi Magdi Abdelhadi: The Islamic revival in Egypt 

Active Image  Yusuf Estes:"How I came to Islam"
Brian Keenan: A hostage's story 
Arzu Merali: Islam and modernity 
Benazir Bhutto: Her rise to power 
Chandra Muzaffar: The challenges 
Aina Khan: Women and Sharia 

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