Abu Ishaq Al Huweni (UPDATE)

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Sheikh Abu Ishaq Al Huwayni
Abu Ishaq Al Huwayni
Updates & Corrections

Cairo, Egypt - Wednesday May 24, 2012 Sheikh Abu Ishaq Al Huweni [updates & corrections]

The sheikh was reported to be in serious condition after going to Germany for treatment of his diabetes. It seems his leg has been amputated. We are awaiting further information while praying to Allah to improve his condition, ameen.


Corrections and updates for information on our beloved sheikh Abu Ishaq Al Huwayni are as follows:

1. His condition is not dangerous anymore alhamdluillah
2. His left leg was ampuated, but not in the hospital while in Germany.

Here's a summary of the translation of the article posted on Arabic news website:

News reports in Egypt said that sheikh Abu Is-haq Al-Huwayni had his leg amputated as a result of diabetes complication.

The sheikh has left the intensive care unit.

A resource has mentioned to "The 7th Day" newspaper that the sheikh's condition is due to his diabetic illness, in which he has traveled for treatment last year in Germany.

Later a reliable source close to sheikh Abu Is-haq said that his condition has improved greatly, and that the doctors have amputated his left leg 4 days ago - and not on Monday -

Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Ya'qub said that he received a call and went to visit the sheikh in the hospital to visit the sheikh. Sheikh Ya'qub then asked sheikh Al-Huwayni permission to leave, in order to present his live TV show - in which upon sheikh Al-Huwayni asked sheikh Ya'qub to deliver a message to the believers:

"Deliver the Salam to the Muslims and the believers on my behalf, and tell them that I love you for the sake of Allah. Tell them that if I have harmed anyone or oppressed anyone, or was rough with anyone on any day, then I ask him to forgive me.

Tell them that If I was rough on anyone, that I was only intending the Shari'ah and the Deen and the victory of the Sunnah, and Allah knows best that I have exhausted my life in His love and the love of His messenger in the hopes of His mercy"


Here is the Arabic version of the news article concerning the sheikh: http://islammemo.cc/akhbar/arab/2012/05/21/150273.html


#4 kathy 2012-05-30 18:45
i hope you feel better soon_try to stay oman all raw food diet i know several individuals that have cured their diabetes_diabet es is a digestion sickness_it is curable_they first put you on pills soon after your body cannot take the pills and needs the injection_its a vicious circle_in alternative medicine they say to go on a raw food diet_i studied it for a while but had to stop _check out if you don't believe me the bojenko family we had them to our homeschholing group _raw foods _fermented vegatables_raw milk_everything raw_you will see your pancreas going back to normal inshallala soon_kathy_ma salm sheik_hope alah makes you feel better_remember to leave in your stomach when you eat also one part for food,one part for air and one part for drink this is in the hadith i don't know why I'm assuming its for not overeating cause then the pancreas works too hard_take are sheik
#3 Yusuf Estes 2012-05-27 03:35
Bismillah salam alaykum Ahmed._We just wanted to tell you and all our readers how much we do know and love Sheikh Abu Ishaq Al Huwayni._He is very knowledgeable about Quran and Sunnah and is considered by many, if not most Arabs to be one of the top scholars of Islam in the world._He was of the first scholars to endorse and encourage the start up of GUIDE US TV._I was sitting next to him on his TV channel in Egypt when he told us all,
#2 ahmed 2012-05-23 03:59
I don't Know this sheikh but if his heart has the truth and if he gives good dawah I am with him. InshaAllah he will be rewarded. Keep it up IslamNewsroom
#1 A Sister in Islam 2012-05-23 03:17
Jazakkallahu Khairan for the update. Insha'allah the Sheikh will be cured. Insha'allah he will be raised in the Ferdousul Ala. Amin.

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