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More Women Enter Islam Than Men


Islam's Women
Prof. Abdur Rahman Doi
Director, Center Islamic Legal Studies
Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria

Many people, Muslims and non-Muslims alike, ask us about the treatment of women, teenage youths, young girls who are Muslim and what the are rules for the ladies in many situations.

Family - Dress Code - Makeup - Swimming - Dancing - Worship - Inheritance - Equal Rights

A New site for Islams Women



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  • The Family
  • Modesty
  • Lowering the Gaze
  • Social Behavior
  • Beautification and Adornment
  • Guests
  • Public Baths and Swimming Pools
  • Dance Halls and Gymnasiums
  • The Masjid [mosque]

  • Here is the link to the website for new Muslims and non-Muslims:
    (remember to download it and make the CDs - and the question is "How did you like it?")

    You see there is no guidance except from Almighty God Himself. And if a person is sincere and they ask Almighty God (Allah), there is no doubt except that Allah will guide them to His Way (Islam).

    Here is a very important website to help you learn about the true message of the Quran (in English) and a free download of Quran for yourself:
    FREE QURAN to download: (also check out the other links on this website)

    And here excellent websites to help you learn and feel even better about your choice as a Muslim. The actual testimonies on camera and on paper from some of the many thousands of new Muslims coming to Islam on a regular basis...

    REVERTS <- Watch these videos - See and hear, in their own words - why these people, from around the world and around the corner are all "REVERTING TO ISLAM"

    CONVERTS? <- Read and see who is coming to Islam and why, and the problems and experiences they encounter along the way. (let us know if you would like your story here)

    PRIESTS & PREACHERS ENTER ISLAM <- Read the true-life story of a Catholic priest, friend of mine, and my father, wife and myself, how we all came to Islam and what really happened.
    VIDEO "Priests & Preachers Enter Islam"

    CHAT ISLAM .com <- this is a site developed for the purpose of sharing Islam in real-time on the internet in plain and simple English terms. It is one of over 2,000 domain names we have online.

    WATCH ISLAM .com <- See and download videos on your choice of topics with your favorite presenters of Islam, like: Sheik Salim Morgan, Dr. Bilal Philips, Dr. Jafar Idris, Abdullah Palmer, and yours truly.

    HEAR ISLAM .com <- Listen and download hundreds of audios on many different topics and subjects, all presented in the simple English format.

    SEARCH FOR ISLAM .com <- Find what you are looking for on our many sites. Type in the keyword or words to search through all of our related sites, on any topics.

    Q TAFSIR .com <- This is the complete Quran in Arabic with English translation of meanings with detailed explanations and even some audio programs to help better understand the Quran in English.

    ISLAM NEWSROOM .com <- Our site for communicating with everyone around the world (just as you did here). Write to us (join as a member and then sign in - follow the directions - click the link to ask questions in the upper left hand side).

    SHARE ISLAM .com <- Our main site for learning, sharing and joining the effort to share Islam in simple English language.

    We are honored by Allah to be help put the very first TV channel for true Islam (In English) for the U.S. and Canadan (now on Internet and soon on satellite, inshallah):

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