15th of Shaban (what is it?)

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Shaban 15th?

Celebrate or NO?

What Is It?

 What To Do?

What is the significance of this day to Muslims?

Is this an innovation (bid'ah)? FIND OUT

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15th of Shaban
(middle of the month before Ramadan)

What is the importance of the 15th of the month prior to Ramadan?

The middle of Shaban is the time of the month prior to Ramadan, the month of fasting, is debated among Muslims these days.


Some celebrate the night of the 14th and then fast the day of the 15th.

Others are claiming all of this is nothing more than an open, hated innovation (bid'ah).


What if this is really a night full of blessings and rewards from Allah? To miss such a chance would be a great loss - Right?

On the other hand, if this is not something from the authentic teachings of Islam from Quran and sunnah, wouldn't that be the very opposite?

We cannot make up our religion at all. This is forbidden and it is going out of Islam. Very serious indeed.

What is the truth, based on the Quran and the authentic hadeeth (teachings and sayings) of our prophet, peace be upon him?


Let's consider what Allah says in the Quran, in surah Al Imran: 

"Verily the religion with Allah is Islam!" (Surah 3:19)

And in surah Al Imran:

"Whoever desires a religion other than Islam, Allah will never accept it and in the Hereafter they will be amongst the loosers." (Surah 3:85)

"On this day have I perfected for you, your religion, conferred upon you My favor and have chosen for you to submit in Al Islam (surrender, sincerity and peace to Allah)." (Surah 5:3)

Now consider also, the saying of our prophet, peace be upon him:

"Whoever introduces something into our deen (religion) which is not from it, will have it rejected" (Bukhari & Muslim)

And again back to the Quran:

"Allah does not forgive 'shirk'. But anything less than that He can forgive". (Surah 4:48)

"Shirk" here is to make partners with Allah in worship. And whoever is making up a new religion is likely making partners with Allah in some form or another.

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#2 Abdul 2013-06-25 06:52
asalamu alaikum,
a lot of brothers don't pray their regular salaahs but on the 15th of sha'ban the Masjid was packed, thinking its a special night to forgive sins. people are trying to cut corners. yet when I tell them every night the last part Allah(swt) comes to the lowest heaven and asked is their anyone seeking forgiveness so I can forgive etc.. yet no one listens it falls on deaf ears. may Allah(swt) saves us all from innovation, ameen.
#1 ABA 2013-06-22 17:07
I love it
At last a way to find somethhgn worth while on web
keep up the great work sheik

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