Bloodshed in Bahrain

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Marshall Law Declared
GCC Military Forces Enter

King Hamad Bin Essa officially announced today, his country of Bahrain is now under full Marshall Law for the next three months.

His son, Crown Prince of Bahrain, has been calling for dialog with the opposion for the last 3 months to no avail. The opposing organization has refused any opportunity for dialog to the disappointment of the royal family.

GCC Forces from the Gulf countries have responded to the request of King Hamad Bin Essa, asking for military reinforcement troops to withstand the onslaught of the opposition group there.

Iran has issued a statement condemning the Royal Family for calling GCC forces entering into Bahrain are totally unacceptable. Iran has long been opposed to treatment of Shiite Muslims living in Bahrain and is making heavy statements in condemnation of military intervention in that country.

Government authorities say they are working together to quell the uprising as soon as possilbe, and at the same time, in a peaceful manner without injury to protestors or spectators.


#4 Arslan bin Yousuf 2011-03-16 12:35
Believe me brothers you both are so wrong may Allah help us all. When will the Ummah understand that it is ONE. And it is so from the beginning up to the End of the Days this religion was meant as ONE for all humans all over the world. I am not saying I am Pro Sunni or Pro Shiite because I don’t think in these categories or rather left these believes. For me these categories do not exist. I am simply muslim a beautiful description the One All-knowing gave to us. When will you understand that is the Satan all the Prophets warned us from which will separate humans. You all will loose, loose, loose so that one time you all will be lost. And to be lost is similar or even equal to hell. When we all obey the One gloryfull Lord then we are simply Muslims. I thankful to the wisdom God put in my heart left behind this irritating “Cast system of Islam”. And when brother is fighting his brother the he deserves nothing than perdition.

What I am seeing again that the Muslim world again is starting a war against each other and we are running into a Muslim conflict again. It is like family people with same blood are killing themselves for no reason. If people want some share in power then let them have and go for the peaceful way.

Do we not see the signs of time. Look only at japan. What more do you need to see how angry Allah is with us. No matter who you are but the Prophet PBUH or his great protector Ali or anyone else would be ashamed, ashamed and only really ashamed.

You are not praising our greatest humans with your words and their great examples. I can only say La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah. That is all I need that is all my believe. May you oh Allah put some sense in these senseless minds and some heart which have become stones.
#3 Lyn 2011-03-15 14:01
Iran has a hard enough time running their own country. They should not concern themselves with other countries like Bahrain! The King was doing a fine job without them interfering. If their people living in Bahrain, hate Bahrain so much, then they should go back to Iran where they prefer the way that country is run!!
#2 Abduallah bin Yousef 2011-03-15 05:13
salams to true seekers. No, Ali, you are wrong. You shiites are get more than your way and iran is wrong to butt in their nose and same time is saying not to butt in from GCC countries.
Dont be so stuipd.
#1 Ali Hussein 2011-03-15 05:09
it is wrong to bring outside forces to our coutnry to make a fitnah to people. we hav not got our rites. and it is not teh good way.

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